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Liberty Hill ISD has openings for Police Officers

Author tpaadmin
#1 | Posted: 15 Aug 2019 14:32
Openings as of 8/12/2019
Police Officer JobID: 965
* Position Type:
Security/Police Officer
Date Posted:
Date Available:
Liberty Hill Independent School District Police Officer


Must be a U.S. Citizen
High School Diploma or certified GED
Must hold a valid Peace Officer License from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement
Must have a valid Texas driver's license with an acceptable driving record
Must meet all TCOLE requirements for initial licensure

2 years' experience as SRO or school-based law enforcement preferred.

Job Purpose and Responsibilities
Incumbent patrols district property to protect all LHISD students, personnel, and visitors from physical harm and to prevent property loss to the District property due to theft or vandalism. Incumbent must also uphold and enforce all penal and education laws of State of Texas. Incumbent may have primary responsibilities for police investigations.

Essential Functions
Patrol District property for suspicious activity, unauthorized persons on campus, or unauthorized entry.
Respond to calls on crimes against person or property in progress, reports of crimes that have already occurred, accidents on District property, and perform preliminary investigation at the scene (e.g., gather and preserve evidence, take statements.)
Arrest adults/juveniles and book persons into jail or juvenile detention centers for law violations as necessary.
Interview suspects, witnesses, and victims on school campuses.
Testify in court as needed.
Review offense reports before closing out or referring to Court.
Complete paperwork associated with duties as necessary (e.g., affidavits for arrest, incident reports, activity reports.)
Perform miscellaneous duties as required (e.g., conduct background investigations, review pend cases with supervisor, assist other law enforcement agencies.)
Provide instructional presentations for students and staff.
Be able to work extracurricular events
Other Duties as Assigned

Physical Effort and Work Environment
Incumbent may spend extended periods of time patrolling and investigating crimes on Liberty Hill ISD property, both in automobiles and on foot. Incumbent may be required to physically restrain parties involved in a conflict. In extreme cases, incumbent may be exposed to violent and/or armed confrontations. This position may involve routine exposure to blood or body fluids. Regular attendance is required for this position. Other job essential physical standards a Liberty Hill ISD Police Office must be able to perform:
Stand or walk for long periods of time.
Run or walk stairs.
Perform rescue operations that may require lifting, carrying, or dragging heavy objects.
Jumping from elevated surfaces, such as a loading dock.
Use bodily force to gain entry through barriers.
Run after a fleeing suspect.
Perform patrol duties involving foot patrol and vehicular patrol.
Effect arrests, using physical force if necessary.
Physically handle emotionally disturbed and out of control persons.
Ability to wear bullet proof vest.
Ability to carry a police duty belt. The required equipment on the belt contains a gun, handcuffs, radio, Taser, flash light and ammunition.

Personal Work Relationships
Most duties are performed independently, but a Supervisor may give general or detailed instructions for specific cases and reviews all paperwork completed by the incumbent. Incumbent has frequent contact with District personnel, students, parents, and the general public. Purpose of contact is to serve and to protect individuals within the geographic boundaries of the Liberty Hill ISD. Incumbent may also have contact with other police agencies to share information and to provide other assistance

To apply visit: https://austin.jobing.com/liberty-hill-independent-school-district/police-officer?utm _campaign=google_jobs_apply&utm_source=google_jobs_apply&utm_medium=organic
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