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Pflugerville - Police Officer Position Available

Author tpaadmin
#1 | Posted: 1 Oct 2019 12:48
Department Pflugerville Police Department
Type Certified
Job Title Police Officer
Salary $51,022 Starting Pay
Deadline Oct 31, 2019 11:59 PM Eastern
Location Pflugerville, TX

Job Title: Certified Peace Officer

Job Purpose:
Protects the life, property, general safety, and welfare of the general public within appropriate jurisdiction by enforcing, City, state, and federal laws and ordinances.

Job Scope:
Exercises significant levels of judgement, discretion, and initiative in the performance of duties. Applies technical and legal knowledge and expertise to solve complex problems; frequently interfaces with the general public, other department personnel and management, and state, federal, and local government representatives.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Patrol City streets to deter crime and assist citizens as needed; note suspicious persons, activities, or establishments; take action or report the situation.
2. Investigate criminal or suspicious activities; secure crime scenes; gather evidence; interview/interrogate witness/suspects; make arrests.
3. Prepare cases for court; appear in court to present evidence and serve as a witness.
4. Investigate and assist at accident scenes: administer first aid as required; call for necessary assistance; investigate the cause and results of accidents; recommend corrective action(s) to help avoid similar future accidents.
5. Identify and correct or report public safety hazards.
6. Control traffic flow for compliance with local and state regulations: direct and re-route traffic at fires and other disturbances; issue tickets for parking and traffic violations; authorize the tow and impoundment of vehicles as required.
7. Prepare accurate and timely reports regarding response calls.
8. Perform animal control for City ordinance violations and wild animals in the absence of or conjunction with Animal Control Officer.
9. Provide information and direction to the public; provide public with other assistance as necessary, e.g., accessing locked vehicles and homes, obtaining road side assistance with disabled cars, and other community policing activities, etc.
10. Provide support to other Police functions such as School Resource Officer or Police Dispatchers
11. Book, monitor and control property, ensure safety, search and frisk inmates in holding facility.
12. May help train and oversee the work of less experienced Patrol Officers.
13. Maintain patrol cars in safe and clean operating condition.
14. Conduct crime prevention inspections and surveys for residential areas or businesses.

Knowledge/Skill Requirements:
Thorough working knowledge of City ordinances and state and federal laws relating to police operations.
Ability to understand detailed written and verbal operating procedures and instructions.
Ability to establish and maintain professionally effective working relationships with prosecutors, judges, co-workers, other law enforcement personnel, EMS and fire personnel, the general public, and representatives of state, federal, and local government agencies.
Ability to remain calm, make sound decisions, and respond appropriately during stressful situations and under adverse conditions.
Ability to safely operate a patrol vehicle and all related equipment to include laptop computers, radio, radar, and video camera systems.
Good communication (verbal and written) skills.
Proficiency with weapons, and patrol car equipment, . Weapons proficiency to be demonstrated quarterly as prescribed by TCOLE or departmental policy
Ability to maintain currency in required TCOLE and departmental training.

Education/Experience/Certification Qualifications:
High school diploma or equivalent; Associates degree in Criminal Justice preferred.
Completion of approved Basic Peace Officers Certification Academy.
Certified Peace Officers Certificate from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCOLE).
Valid Class C Texas drivers license.

Physical Job Requirements:
Verbal and written communications.
Occasional strenuous activity, including running, jumping, climbing, lifting up to 50 lbs., and carrying, or any other physical activity required to effectively pursue and arrest suspects.
Extended periods of sitting at a desk or in a vehicle.
Operation of patrol vehicle and related equipment.
Satisfactory physical, psychiatric, and drug testing results, as prescribed by department standards.

Working Conditions:
Indoors/outdoors; extreme weather conditions.
Work may be conducted under stressful or hazardous conditions; occasionally exposed to life threatening situations.
Work hours determined by scheduled shift, as assigned by supervisor; work shifts may include weekends and holidays; overtime may be required; on-call as needed to respond to emergency situations.

Additional Benefits
Intermediate Peace Officer - $50 a month
Advanced Peace Officer - $100 a month
Master Peace - $150.00 a month
Associates Degree - $75.00 a month
Bachelors Degree - $125.00 a month
Masters Degree - $150.00 a month
Night Differential $2.00 per hour
Bilingual Pay - $150.00 a month
FTO - $150.00 a month
Firearms Instructor - $50.00 a month
Detective On Call - $115.00 a month
Advance Accident Investigator - $50.00 a month
K-9 - Based on Officer's hourly rate for care of K-9 etc.
Patrol will receive an $850 uniform allowance per year for duty gear, boots, dry cleaning etc.
Longevity pay - $8 per month or $96 per year of service is paid to employees in December
Sick Leave Incentive - 25% of unused but accrued sick leave for the year is paid to employees in December.
Employee Purchase Program - Eligible for up to $1200 per fiscal year for employee to purchase duty related gear.

Apply through PoliceApp Here- http://bit.ly/2oe1MmX
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