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Cyber Crime Investigations, Intermediate

This class is presented by a police officer with an extensive background in the information technology field. This course is designed to give law enforcement personnel, who already have a well-rounded understanding of computers and the Internet, some new tools in cyber and real world criminal investigations. Day one will introduce students to, and have practicums for, digital wire taps, keystroke loggers, and application compilers for both wired and wireless networks. Students will be able to show a proficiency in intercepting electronic communications, recompiling the data, and identify if/when it has happened to a complainant. Day two will introduce advanced data mining tools allowing officers to locate, correlate and extrapolate public and private information on the Internet and private databases. Students will use and show proficiency in graphical charting tools that can illustrate association between persons, companies, websites, email accounts, phone numbers, etc… for investigative and courtroom use.

This is a fast paced and hands-on class that will require students to preinstall public tools on their workstations prior the first day of class.

Note: Students must bring a wireless enabled laptop computer to the class. (Windows operating systems work best for this class.) Students will receive instructions for the download and installation of tools.

Prerequisite: Cyber Crime Investigations, Basic or other comparable computer background and training. e.g. a CS Degree or someone who already is involved in computer crimes investigation, etc…
Capacity: 30

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